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Journey To The Cross

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You are invited to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church to walk with us back in time to the last human days of Jesus Christ. You will be lead on your journey by Barsabbas and his wife who will give you a short introduction at each of the three major scenes.

Introductory Room

Walk with us back in time to the last human days of Jesus Christ. You will hear a synopsis of Jesus’ Birth, Life, and Death. Your guides will then lead you through each scene as you continue the journey to witness Jesus’ journey to the cross.

Upper Room

Your first stop will be the Upper Room where you will witness the Last Supper Jesus is sharing for the first time with His twelve Disciples. You will be there when Judas is identified as the one who will betray Jesus.

Garden Gethsemane

Next you will enter the beautiful and peaceful Garden of Gethsemane and be there when Judas betrays Jesus and the soldiers rush in to take him away.

Carpenter’s Shop

Your journey will then take you to the Carpenter’s shop where the carpenters are working hard to complete the cross on which Jesus will be crucified. You will be there when Jesus is brought in by the soldiers, tired and weary from the ordeal of the day, and forced to carry his own cross away for crucification. Watch as Simon “volunteers” to help carry the cross with Jesus.


Hear the anger of the Roman soldier as he tells of being forced to guard the tomb during Passover. Hear the invitation to come witness the miraculous happenings on the third day.

Where and When

Prince of Peace
Good Friday, March 29, 2024
11am – 2pm & 4pm – 7pm

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For additional information please call the Prince of Peace church office at 734-269-2420. Please join us on Good Friday!

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